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100% electric passion


Eco-digger excavation machines 

Eco-digger builds and delivers
100% electric excavation machines. Ecodigger can provide a broad range of machines such as excavators, bulldozers, trenchers and backshoe loaders, all 100% electric.

FluxDrive has delivered the Type2 sockets, electronics and adapters so that the machines can charge at any power outlet nearby. This can be at (public) charge points as well as at regular CEE5 industry outlets often found in industrial buildings.


Major haulier

One of our customers is a major haulier/trans-shipment company in the north of the Netherlands. They offer charging station infrastructure on the parking/loading place for cooling trailers.

FluxDrive's adapter Type 2->CEE5 allows a cool trainer to get power from the AC charger.
The charger infrastucture in combination with an adapter offers many benefits:
• Lower energy bill; Kwh vs Diesel
• Less noise
• Billing to the same person (driver pays as with diesel, not the infraprovider)
• No local CO2 emissions.

Conclusion is that with the AC charge infrasaturcuture in combination with adapters, electric power can replace fossil fuels. Due to the standard authentication and payment infrastructure with a AC charging, the often lower energy bill is directed to the user. No complex metering and billing is needed as this is already standard with AC charging infrastructure.


Ground water pump in urban situations

When excavations are done in build up area’s often ground water pumps are used to remove the ground water. These pumps are typically powerd by a diesel aggretate that run night and day and produce noise and (local) pollution.

One of are customers decided to power the pumps from a charging station instead of the traditional aggregate.  By using a the FluxDrive adapter, the ground water pump can run efficiently and with no noise from the aggregate.

Also it is proven to be cheaper, No aggregate rental cost and electric power is more efficient and cheaper then diesel.


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