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100% electric

EVSE tester in use at charge point


The EV-Simulator simulates an electrical vehicle and can be used for safe installation, commissioning and testing of charging stations.

Electric Motor cycle carging at public charger with Adapter Type 2 to Schuko


There is no universal connector for all types of electric vehicles and the different charging stations. Because of this, there is a need for adapters. The Type 2 to Schuko is our best selling adapter. FluxDrive supports at least seven different types of adapters.

orange Tesla charging at Orange charger with Orange Charge cable from

Charging cables

When no fixed charging cable is available, a separate male-to-female cable is needed to hook up the vehicle. Preferably the charge cable is optimally tailored to the charging capacity needs of the car. We offer different combinations of plugs and cables. 

About FluxDrive and Mission

About us

The mission of FluxDrive is to support the uprise of electrical vehicles. We prefer to stay small and agile so we can quickly adapt to changing demand. Therefore FluxDrive works extensively with different partners. 

Quality and garantee

The quality is guaranteed and our products meets all applicable standards.

All our products meet the European regulations for quality and safety. 

As we are convinced by the quality, without giving a reason, consumers can return our products within a period of 30 day.  

Visit one of our other websites

Different website operate under the name of FluxDrive:

These websites contain more information about our products. At it is possible to order charging cables and/or adapters. 


FluxDrive works extensively with different partners for production and reselling.

Resellers of the EV-Simulator are for different countries can be found here:

If you also want to become a reseller of the EV-simulator or the Type 2 to Schuke adapter, please contact us.


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