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About FluxDrive

100% electric passion

Tesla Roadster founder FluxDrive

FluxDrive was established in 2009. The founder of FluxDrive is Mark van den Oudenrijn. Mark has an background of electrical engineering and has worked in technical and commercial positions at various companies. His interest in cars and motor cycles dates from his childhood. [foto]

In 2009, the idea was to convert a ‘normal’ ICE (internal Combustion Engine) car to electric. As suppliers didn’t want to deliver their advanced motor and battery packs to consumers, Mark founded FluxDrive. The company FluxDrive opened doors that would remain closed for consumers.

While the prime focus of FluxDrive was not to start as a commercial business, Mark’s creativity was challenged by the various questions that came from all kind of contacts. FluxDrive initial aim to convert car pivoted to supply charge solutions to consumers.

A webshop ‘’ was launched in 2014. This webshop supported the purchase of charging cables with any length and various colours on demand [link naar charge cable tekst]. Manufacturing tailor-made charging cables were the first successful products to be sold, not only in the Netherlands but also in many other countries in Europe.

Next was the need for adapters. While multiple standards are available for the connectors of electric vehicles adapters are needed for charging, despite an incompatible format. The first adapter FluxDrive developed was the adaptor Type 2 to Schuko. This adapter is mainly used to charge Light Electric Vehicles such as electric motor cycles at (public) charging station. By now FluxDrive supports at least seven different types of adapters {link naar tekst over adapters].  

In 2016 the Electric Vehicle-Simulator (EV-Simulator) was developed by FluxDrive. The EV-Simulator is a product to test EV charging stations and is used by companies that install these charging stations. The website was launched in 2016. The EV-Simulator was originally developed for own use, but it became one of the best sellers.  

Today, the focus is on new development of electronic components for charge infrastructure. Soon more information will be made available through this website and other channels.  


Connexion bus with extra long cable provide by

The expansion of electric vehicles is predicted to accelerate significantly, to a point where is will become the norm rather than the exception. The Mission of FluxDrive is to support up rise of (light) electric vehicles. In order to do so, FluxDrive does provide the following
• Innovate solutions that allow wide use of (public) charge infrastructures.
• Safe and reliable commissioning of charge infrastructure.
• Charge solutions, building blocks that can be tailored to every need.

With over 20 years of experience with electric distribution networks and 10 years hands-on practice with electric vehicles, FluxDrive understands the dynamics involved in EV charging and the impact it can have on the electric infrastructure. Actual knowledge of the governing standards and participating in events makes sure that even in this dynamic fast changing world, the knowledge is up to date. 


Are electric vehicles really important? – We think they are if we want to keep the mobility at a level we have had the last decade. The reasons are:

Fluxdrive import plugs and sockets

Peak oil
Peak oil is the moment in time were the production of all oil and gas fields has reached is highest levels and a decline of production is to follow in the remaining years. Peak oil could arise from lack of demand but more likely, peak oil will be caused by a lack of oil-resources. The oil in the fields are not endless and for older fields, it takes more effort to get the oil out of it.
Some years ago the production of one barrel of oil required less the one tenth of a barrel of oil. With depleted field or where fracking is used, it might require up to half a barrel of oil to produce a barrel of oil. Think about that for a moment…. 

Money, money money

A decade ago, globalisation was hailed to be the bringer of new and more wealth. The whole world would be the market for our products, whether this was fast food, cars, electronics or planes, It didn’t matter everything could be sold to anyone. Developing countries getting richer meant new markets to sell products.
Another effect of this was that cheap labour was more accessible. Production lines moved from country to country just were labour and regulations were in favour of the manufacturers. 

Half products were transported from A to B and back just to save some money. The transport sector accounts for two-thirds of the EU’s final demand for oil and petroleum products. For the delivery of these resources the EU depends on geopolitically unstable regions that have seen increases in terrorism, internal and border conflicts, or wars. You can be pro or con about globalisation but we think we should increase the use of electrical energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar. 

Climate change prevented by electric vehicles

Climate change
Man caused climate change? It is difficult to judge. What can be taken for a fact is that in 2018 on average 80 million barrels of oil a day have been produced. That is an incredible big number. This enormous number of barrels per day is not being stored…No, they are actually burned. Every day again. Man caused climate change? You decide for yourself! 

Partner Blueview production capacity for fluxdrive

FluxDrive was established in 2009. Although FluxDrive is actively expanding its product portfolio, it aims to stay a small and agile organisation, allowing to adapt quickly to changing demands. To do this FluxDrive works extensively with different partners. One of them is BLueview. Blueview manufactures several products for FluxDrive and is a "Social Firm”, supporting people who have a hard time finding a job. The background of those people is divers and it is great seeing those perform according to their ability in a pleasant working atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

Various websites are operated by FluxDrive:



Fluxdrive happy balloons

By now FluxDrive is successful in tailor made charging cables, adapters, the EV- Simulator and supporting dedicated projects. FluxDrive can deliver:
- charge cables at any colour and length
- adapters
- EV-Simulator, tester for charge station
- projects
- new (developments of) electronic components for charge infrastructure (to be announced soon).


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