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Commisioning charging stations professionally

Charge point with EVSE tester attached and charging

Charging stations
Technically, a charging station (also known as "Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment" or EVSE) does not charge your car. Your car has an on-board charger which converts alternating current to the direct current which is stored in its batteries.

Most charging station, whether at home or public, are installed by professional installer. Installation costs will vary based on a number of factors. The starting price of an installation for a regular (AC) charging station by a (certified) installer is around a couple of hundred euros.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, make sure you have the background knowledge and experience for a successful and safe installation.  

Screenshort of oscilloscope showing CP-signal with a duty cycle of 26%

Communication Protocol
Specific communication protocol between the electric car and charging station ensures safe use of electric power at all circumstances, even in the roughest (weather) environments. This communication protocol is essential for the charging process. 

EVSE Tester

Safe installation, & commissioning 
The EV-Simulator simulates an electric car and is used as a tester. The EV simulator supports successful and safe installing, commissioning and periodic testing of charging stations.

When the charging station does not respond correctly, the EV-simulator gives an indication of these irregularities based on light indications (LEDs).

The EV-Simulator is typical used after installation of an EV charging station. It validates the basic functions of the newly installed EV charger.

Using the EV-Simulator, convenient, safe and reliable tests can be conducted. The installation crew can leave the site, knowing the charging station is fully functional, reducing the need to return to the site for inspections and repairs.

EV-simulator: installing/testing a charging stations
(UK version)

EV-Simulator: installing/testing charging stations
(NL version).


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